The REAL WAY to alter jeans with the same hem - tutorial

When it comes to sewing, I only start a project whenever I feel inspired. I haven’t been very inspired the past month or so hahahaha~ I had wayyyyy too many projects I wanted to tackle, so I ended up pushing them all aside. I’ll get to all of them….slowly :) 

My brother asked me to hem his jeans for him, so I figured while I do that I might as well show my blog some much needed love <3

I’d found several tutorials on how to alter jeans with the same hem…and I tried their methods only to find that they were INACCURATE!! It became immediately apparent to me, b/c I was working with a really wide hem. If I had been altering a normal 1/2 inch hem I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I was really excited too about finding a tutorial on altering with the original hem…b/c some jeans have certain distressing/details on the bottom, and altering it changed the look. I’m sure yall get what I mean. 

After playing around with it for a little bit I figured it out. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Measure the bottom hem of the jeans, from the bottom to the very top of the seam.

2. Mark the length you want your jeans to be with a couple pins. 

3. HERE’S THE CRUCIAL PART! Take the measurement of the hem, DOUBLE IT and measure up from the length you want your jeans. So, if your hem was 1/2 inch….then measure up 1 inch and mark it with pins. If your hem is 1 inch, then measure up 2 inches and mark it with pins…and so on.

4. Fold up the jeans to the very top row of pins, and pin it in place. Remove the pins marking the length you want your jeans…otherwise you’re sewing them in!

5. Take the jeans and slide them right up to where the fold will meet the needle, making sure the needle won’t stitch over the fold…you want it right next to the fold. 

6. Stitch it all the way around.

7. Fold the bottom up into the pants, and iron it flat. 

8. Hand stitch the extra fabric to the inside of the pants, so that it doesn’t flap down…..or you could just cut it off if you don’t plan on altering the length again.

DONE! Easy peasy, it took me longer to write this post than it did to hem the pants. 

Trust me when I say YOU NEED TO DOUBLE THE LENGTH OF THE HEM! It only makes sense, b/c the hem is what’s flapping down again and if you don’t double it your jeans will be longer than you want them to be. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. Send me pics if you end up altering your jeans with the same hem :)